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How does Kafka help your Business?

What is Kafka?

Originally designed as a messaging queue system, Apache Kafka has evolved to be a full-fledged event streaming platform. It is a distributed event streaming platform that can handle trillions of events every day.

For any business that is considering highly scalable, real-time data solutions to build and manage data pipelines, Kafka comes as the best option. It has low downtime issues and high throughput for publishing and subscribing messages. It has huge data storage which makes it easier and more stable to handle a huge volume of data.


From batch to real-time system

Unlike the batch processing of data in legacy architecture, Apache Kafka allows real-time processing. It acts as an intermediary for receiving and sending it to the target system in real-time.


Microservices scalability

Microservices are way out of the deadlock with complex monolithic systems. Apache Kafka enables the introduction of microservice can handle a massive volume of data. This allows businesses to scale up their data processing capabilities parallel to their data flow increase.


Integration Ready

It is very easy with Kafka to integrate different applications and systems for data transmission. The developers need to create only one integration for each producing and consuming system.

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