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white papers

White papers

New development & trends in Reactive & Fast Data Solutions

There is a lot that is constantly changing in technology. We keep a close watch on new developments and trends in the Reactive and Fast Data world to offer the most updated solutions.

Follow us in this section and download white papers on Reactive and Fast Data system.

Coworkers plan work

Play framework: the jvm architect’s path to super-fast web apps

The power of a stateless, streaming, reactive web framework

Team High Five

The Secrets To Successfully Monitoring Fast Data And Streaming Applications

The increasingly real-time requirements of today’s applications are changing how users expect services and products to be delivered and consumed.

Online Monitoring

Reactive Programming
vs Reactive Systems


Landing on a set of simple Reactive design principles in a sea of constant confusion and overloaded expectations

Market Analysis

The Financial Service Industry’s New Competitive Platform

 Technology has become an enabler for even the smallest of startups to directly compete with large institutions across many different product lines.

Digital Work

The Need For Speed: Fast Data Development Trends

Insights from over 2,400 developers on the impact of “Data in Motion” in the real world

touchscreen computer

Microservices in Production:


What Ops Should Know About Reactive Systems

Globalization concept

Why the Media Industry is Going Reactive


The media industry is experiencing one of the most significant shifts of the past decade. Opportunities for interactive content, video, and social sharing are breathing new life into the industry

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 How To Build Stateful, Cloud-Native Services With Akka And Kubernetes 

 Tips for running your stateful services as if they are stateless 

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