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Services: Build & Deploy MicroServices

Build & Deploy MicroServices

What are Microservices?

Microservices are the modern method of building software applications.

What is the main difference between microservices architecture and monolith architecture?

Microservices architecture has gained high popularity in recent years. Contrary to a monolith architecture, microservices approach enables software systems to be developed into small and independent modules and provides scope for tremendous scalability of the system as required by the businesses.


Microservices vs Monolithic

Microservices architecture is built as a collection of loosely coupled, independent services. These services communicate over well-defined APIs and are easily deployable and maintainable.

Companies like Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, Spotify have already successfully transformed their monolithic systems into highly scalable, resilient and reliable microservices-based architectures.

Advantages of microservices architecture

One of the big advantages of this system is that it enables continuous delivery. It is built on independent modular services and therefore, offers better fault isolation. This means, even if one microservice fails, the others will continue to work. It also allows codes from different services to be written in different languages and their easy integration and deployment.

Some other benefits of a microservices architecture are:

  1. Scalability:

The services are independent. If required, the services pertaining to that particular requirement can be scaled up. This takes only a few resources to do so. Since the codes for the services can be written in different languages and can be easily integrated, it makes it easier to add new components and scale up services independently.


   2. Productivity:

With microservices, different teams can work on different components without any dependency on each other and having to wait. The microservices can be easily modified and tested individually which improves the overall productivity of the system.


How can Technaura help with microservices architecture?

Technaura understands the intricacies of building microservices, data pipelines and data flow and helps companies to transform their monolithic IT system into a scalable and resilient microservices architecture.

Microservices allow much faster delivery of requested functions than the traditional monolithic systems. We have experts specializing in migrating from monolith to fast microservices and deploy microservices in Cloud or on-premise environments. Services are delivered in containers, ready to be deployed in cloud native environments.

Start building your Microservices

Start building your Microservices

Technical Insight

The diagram is an example of how a monolith system can be transformed into microservices using asynchronous architecture:

  • Any change in the tables will be captured by Kafka Connect and will trigger an event for the same. No batch involvement.

  • A complete data pipeline implementation with zero loss mechanism.

  • Visualisation and analytics using a standard dashboard, i.e. Kibana. 

  • In case of a fraud transaction detection (using KSQL), an immediate notification will be triggered.

  • Real-time/instantaneous processing of data.

  • A very loosely coupled and highly available systems.

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