IT Architecture & Consulting Services

If you are contemplating modernizing your IT architecture design or need a review of your Apache Kafka deployment, we offer a wide range of consulting and architectural services around Kafka and other open source technologies.

We have expertise in:

  • Kafka Architecture, AWS Kafka, GCP PubSub and Kafka Microservices Architecture

  • Migration to cloud-native services

  • Use Cases and Master Plan to Fast Data

  • Select Best Infrastructure Architecture

  • High-Level Solution Design

  • Mentor teams

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What is DataOps?

The new approach to data analytics and data exchange! DataOps is an automated, process-oriented methodology to improve the quality, speed and accuracy of analytics. It helps with your data management from getting much more valuable data leads that turn into better insights.


We help you be in charge of your data pipelines and get the best value in real-time.  We offer end-to-end data solutions from coordinating with people, developing and deploying data applications, to manage data sources, pipelines and data aggression. We are building highly configurable data pipelines with low code.

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We have expertise in:

  • Developing and deploying data intensive applications

  • Managing data sources and pipelines

  • Data aggregation

  • Data flow


Configurations, Operations & Monitoring

Technaura supports in monitoring and operating your Apache Kafka deployment, operations and management. With our experts we offer you best agile practices to reduce the complexity of your Kafka-based architecture.

We have expertise in:

  • Managing Kafka cluster

  • Deploying cluster to production

  • Back up of cluster

  • Monitoring cluster’s vital statistics,

  • Kafka optimization

  • Configuring complex Kafka environments

  • Migration to Cloud Services

  • Operational services for stabile production

Our managed Kafka cluster services on AWS, GCP, Azure come with various additional features


Build and Deploy Microservices


What are Microservices?

Microservices are the modern method of building software applications. Instead of having a monolithic approach, microservices apply small independent deployable services that are loosely coupled and are highly maintainable and testable. It enables rapid and reliable delivery of large, complex applications.

Technaura understands the intricacies of building microservices, data pipelines and data flow. We have experts specializing in migrating from monolith to fast microservices and deploy microservices in Cloud or on-premise environments. Services are delivers in containers, ready to be deployed in cloud native environments.

Under our build and deploy services we offer:

•  Building Microservices, data pipelines, Microservices  application

•  Build Data Flows

•  Microservices implementation

•  Migrate legacy monoliths to fast microservices

•  Provide Specialists

Need more details?

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