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What gifts can you buy for your techie colleague this Christmas

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Whether geek or non-geek, when Christmas is around, everyone loves to receive gifts. The challenging part, however, is to select the gift best to one’s likings. The challenge is even bigger if you have to buy something for your gadget or technology-lover colleagues. It is not that anything else will not make them happy but it is difficult to match their smiles that come with a smart gadget

The thing about tech gifts is that even though not everyone keeps a tab on the latest gadgets, they are one of the most sought-after gifts during Christmas and New Year.

To make it easier for you to select something super cool for your gadget-loving colleagues, we have rounded up a few ideas below:

1. Desk vacuum cleaner: There are two things about a tiny vacuum cleaner – first, they are really easy to use and keep the office desks clean and secondly, they are super fun to look at. Most importantly, buying a desk vacuum cleaner will not break the bank. They make for a cool gift for techies who spend a lot of time on their desk, glued to their computer screens.

2. BodyworksBall: It is a simple, affordable and healthy lifestyle gift for geeks who often lose track of time in office. BodyworksBall is a rubber ball attached to a rope with a handle. With this, one can simply grab a wall and get the ball rolling to get rid of the kinks and knots in the muscles. It is the perfect gift for techies allowing them a quick break from work.

3. Wireless charging pad: What could be a better help for geeks than to assist them in reducing the jumble of wires around them. A wireless charging pad makes it easier to do so. Besides adding to the battery life, it also adds little glamour to the otherwise wire-nest looking desk.

4. Bluetooth tracking tag: It is small, smart and attractive. It can be attached to one’s personal belongings and connected to the phone through an app. As the name suggests, it keeps a tab on stuff like iPad, phone, car keys and even the tv remote.

5. Smart water bottle: There is a large variety of smart water bottle available in the market. These are different shapes and sizes water bottles that remind of staying hydrated. Some of them light up to remind so, some even send notifications on smartphones. Now, how cool is that to improve water drinking habits?

Happy shopping!

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Unknown member
Dec 07, 2020

Some people like traditional looking lamps and this lamp is best for them. There are many categories in lamps and the can tell us wonderful things about it. This lamp is simply adorable and i love seeing this picture a lot.


Unknown member
Dec 06, 2020

I love how you edit your post. Your smile and personally makes us definitely want to watch!

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