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Strengthen your DevOps culture

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

DevOps has evolved big time. A simple idea to unite development and operations for faster software development is now transforming the entire work culture at companies, even at the most traditional ones.

DevOps has gained a lot of attention in the last few years. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, Facebook and Adobe are already leading in their DevOps transitions. The momentum is likely to get bigger this year as most of the companies are no more contemplating whether to adopt it or not, instead, they are considering when and how to adopt it.

DevOps is not a technology, it is a culture and changing culture is challenging. It not only takes time to bring in cultural change in companies, but it also requires an open mindset of employees to adopt these changes. DevOps is achieved through three things: People, process and the tools. There are many tools that help in automating the business processes and adopt DevOps. Finding the right tools poses a huge challenge, however, preparing employees for the change is the bigger challenge.

DevOps is certainly much more than tools. Collaboration and shared objectives are the core principles of DevOps. This means the DevOps trinity - people, process and tools - need to work in complete sync with each other to achieve DevOps.

Below are some simple tips that can help your company overcome DevOps team challenges:

1. Internal Teams

Start building DevOps team within the company. Hiring new candidates comes with a cost. It is better to identify the talented people internally and train them for DevOps before recruiting an entirely new team. The main advantage of having internal employees in the DevOps team is that they understand the company better than newcomers. Therefore, it is easier to align DevOps changes with the company goals.

2. Regular Team Meetings

Organizing regular team meetings is a simple yet effective way to strengthen teams. DevOps adaptation is a cultural change for employees. It impacts them personally and professionally. Having regular meetings helps them prepare for the culture change that is occurring. It also helps to enhance their technical skills.

3. Industry Conferences/Meetups

Not every team member comes with an IT background. Attending industry conferences and meetups on DevOps topics gives them a better perspective on DevOps culture and its current landscape. It also provides insight on which companies, why and how they are adopting it.

4. Select cool tools for DevOps

What can work better to attract technical people more than using cool tools and applications in their project? Investing in DevOps tools are smart, new and advance is crucial not only for the implementation of the processes but also to keep the teams interested.

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