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Reasons Why Developers Should Learn Scala

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

There are plenty of reasons to learn Scala. Maybe your new company uses only Scala, maybe your manager insists on adopting a scalable programming language, or maybe you just want to learn something new.

Scala has emerged as one of the most powerful Java alternatives in the last few years. More companies are adopting Scala as their primary programming language. Job opportunities for Scala developers are increasing and the Scala community is growing larger every year.

Below are some important reasons why developers should consider learning Scala:

1. Code optimization and interoperability

Scala is built on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and is highly compatible with Java. With the interoperability, Scala developers can use Java libraries. They can also write their programs, partly in Scala and partly in Java.

The objective of developing Scala programming language was primarily to address key concerns of Java. This is why Scala has inbuilt best practices and patterns. For example, Java codes are verbose. In Scala, however, developers can write the same codes in only a few lines. It is easier for developers to write code quicker.

2. Statically-Typed

Programming languages like Ruby, Python are dynamically-typed which means there is no compiler for the static type check. Though this makes a programmer write codes quicker as he/she does not need to specify the type of the variable each time, it also makes it difficult to debug before the codes are run through the different scenario.

Scala is statically typed, which means at the time of compile, the type of variable is already known. So, the compiler does all the checks. Critical bugs are caught at an early stage, which is very important to develop solid and robust codes.

3. Easier to learn

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language that runs on the JVM. It is easy to learn because it is both, object-oriented and functional. Developers who know any of these paradigms can always leverage their existing knowledge. Also, Scala ecosystem is growing fast. Many good libraries and documents are easily available to learn it. The Scala community/industry has also grown quite big and it is easier to get answers to any query.

4. Marketable

Learning a new technology is the way forward. Considering more companies including Twitter, Linkedin, Airbnb have started using Scala, it is apparent that this language is going to get bigger in the days to come. The scalability feature of Scala makes it favourable among industries like banking, insurance and retail. For programmers learning Scala makes

them marketable. It opens up new career opportunities for them.

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