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Scala: Leading the future of functional programming

"A language that does not affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing"

Scala integrates object-oriented and functional programming into one concise language that runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The program is faster, less-verbose and works wonder in the world of Big Data. This is evident in its rising popularity across the IT world. The programming language, designed by German computer scientist and professor Martin Odersky, has been ranked among the top 20 programming languages on the TIOBE Index for May 2018 and according to TIOBE, it is likely to remain among the top slots for long. 

So, what is making Scala a favorite among the software developers’ community and why is it so suitable for the data scientists?

One of the reasons is its scalability. The word Scala is portmanteau of the words ‘scalable’ and ‘language’. As the name suggests, Scala is designed to grow with the increasing demands of the users, thereby, offering enormous scalability. Twitter’s shift to Scala to write its back-end message queue few years back is an apt example of Scala’s enormous scalability.

The language can seamlessly operate with both Java and Javascript. It offers static typing. Most of the modern programming languages use dynamic typing, which means their type-checking is done only at the run time. Scala provides a static typing system which enables the developers to catch the bug at the compile time itself, saving a lot of efforts and time at the production stage. This helps in avoiding bugs even in a complex application.

One of the most important thing to watch out is the next wave of Fast data. Fast Data would require computer programming as fast as the data arrives, probably within milliseconds. And the solution lies in Scala. Scala is already prepared to catch up with the phenomenon. It provides the most-suited platform for the Fast Data applications. That is one reason why many frameworks such as Apache Spark, Kafka and Akka are using Scala as their implementation language. This is also adding to the reputation of Scala as a powerful programming language for data processing and streaming analytics.

In Hadron, we believe in being the frontrunner in learning and offering the best. In an environment where things are changing fast, it is important to update the current knowledge base and be better prepared for the future. With this aim, Technaura has already made headway in offering talent solutions and software development services in Scala. The company has been selected by the Lightbend to resell and provide consultancy on Scala and Fast Data frameworks. Through our Scala Centre of Excellence, we offer variety of services including Reactive application development, Fast Data platform and development support, on-site consulting programming services and remote-based programming services.

Technaura has been a part of Scala ecosystem for many years. For us, Scala is not only about a programming language. It is rather about building a community of the problem solvers who have futuristic approach to offer faster and more efficient solutions.

Technaura, in April 2018, had participated ScalaUA event in Ukraine. The company will mark its first presence at the ‘Scala Days Europe 2018’ in Berlin from May 14 to May 17, 2018. The idea is to meet the Scala experts, companies, discover the latest development and be a part of the bigger Scala community.

The next Scala Days will be in New York in June 2018. For now, these are the baby steps that Technaura has started to make towards learning a language that will shape the future of programming languages. We invite you to join us on our Scala journey and be part of a community that is across borders and be better prepared for the days to come in programming.

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