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Is DevOps necessary for every company?

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

There has been much hype about DevOps. What is it? How it is implemented and why should companies go for DevOps methodology? .Companies like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Adobe have already adopted DevOps successfully

DevOps brings significant benefits like a quicker response to the market demands, faster development and deployment cycles and overall agility in the business environment. But does it mean DevOps is mandatory for every organization today?

The general consensus is yes. Considering the speed at which the business environment is changing today and how important it is to respond to these changes, DevOps is important.

The counter-argument, however, is no. According to a Zurich-based software developer, DevOps is not mandatory. It depends on the project. If it is only to test an idea with minimum viability requirements, one does not need DevOps.

Also, some of the companies already have an agile work environment and functions well with it.

“If you say mandatory, the answer is no. We have been developing, deploying, and managing software applications in an agile way for many years without terming it DevOps. Progressive companies already have an agile work culture and have teams that are trained for faster delivery and deployment.”

The answer to whether DevOps is relevant for all the companies is an absolute yes! “It is extremely relevant methodology today. It involves automation for faster and shorter software release cycles without compromising the security of the system,” he shares with Technaura.

DevOps is based on communication, collaboration and innovation and brings development and operations in close tandem. One of the biggest benefits of DevOps is process efficiency. When the development and operations teams work hand in hand, there is less documentation, lesser delays, better communication and coordination in the software development and delivery process

Puppet Report on the State of DevOps, 2016 states DevOps provides more time to the teams to focus on innovation. The process efficiency frees up time for the team to get into product innovation and respond faster to the customer requirements.

Puppet Report on the State of DevOps, 2016

Efficient user-experience is what every company aims to achieve. DevOps methodology allows systems to be automated, faster and agile. Adopting DevOps is disruptive initially as it requires to find the right tools and technologies and set up the automation chain. It is quite complex and requires an initial cost. However, in the long run, DevOps is a great company culture that impacts not only software delivery cycles but also overall stability and growth of the business.

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