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Kafka Development Engineer

Job description

Technaura looking for a Kafka engineer to develop real-time streaming and batch-oriented data pipelines with Kafka. You will be working in close association with our IT team in Budapest to develop, operate and maintain our Kafka platform and services.

Technaura is a startup with a highly enthusiastic team determined to transform the technology landscape.  We offer excellent working conditions and work flexibility.



Building a platform to collect and distribute data streams in a banking environment.
A Kafka cluster serves as a central piece, microservices at consumer (e.g. using Flink) side extract and transforms data, event store is Cassandra.
Java with Spring Boot is main development system. However, there are certain legacy functions developed in C# and might require effort for maintenance.
The project is in an early phase. First features are done, much more to come.


Microservices in containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes.
Procedures for CI/CD are being implemented now. Not in production, yet.
We are looking for
Experienced developer, able to guide the team. Will work with the team.
Work therefore onsite in London.
Contractual framework
Duration: 1+ year
Number of positions: 2
Location: London, Canary Warf, onsite work preferred


4y+ experience - Java with Spring Boot or C#
2y experience - Ability to use Kafka API at consumer and producer side
2y experience -Experience in one of the NoSQL data bases
Non-mandatory, but part of the job
Elastic stack

EU citizenship is required. If interested, please  apply here or send your complete application (CV, cover letter, reference letter, diplomas, and certificates) at

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, e-mail or via our social media channels.

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