Get Your Data in Real-Time


Challenges in dealing with Fast Data


Immediate availability of data


Get real-time information and low latency data query response


Data-driven business decisions


Adhere to data compliance, privacy and protect from unauthorized access


High availability and disaster recovery


Handle large and small volumes of data


Cost for storage, backup and transfer


Keep data flow simple and reliable


Avoid data loss

How can we help you?

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Data in real-time

A central hub to consolidate data - even for huge volumes.

Access to consistent information within milliseconds.

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Get the most out of data

Include internal and external sources for machine learning and real-time decision support.

Reliable distributed systems for useful insights.

Operation of your data environment

Configure, run and optimize Kafka environments on the cloud or on-premise.

Support legacy application migration to the cloud.

Solutions for business

Find the link between business demand, data architecture and infrastructure.

Industry-specific data management and protection solutions.

Our Business Solutions

How we work with our clients?

Getting real-time business insights from the data is complicated. We use an innovative approach to remove technology roadblocks and help you derive unprecedented data value for your business.

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